How to be the Bad Sandra Dee

The Naughty Sandra Dee Make-Up Guide

Now for the ‘Bad Sandy’ look. Unless your hair is naturally curly, or permed, you may want to start by using heated rollers all over your hair; these can then be left in while you apply make up. This time you can be altogether bolder in your application, because you’re going for that vampish look. Apply foundation and concealer as before, then define the eyes with black kohl liner. Smooth a taupe base colour over the upper eyelid and brow area, and then accentuate the socket with a darker brown colour, blended in well up towards the eyebrows. Use this darker tone on the corners of the eyes too, giving a sweeping and sensuous effect. Eyebrows also need definition to balance the strong look of the eyes, and, finally, sweep on a lash-building mascara – at least two coats for maximum impact.

Define the lips with a liner one shade darker than your lip colour; for a fuller look, use just on the outer edge of the lips, and then powder lightly before applying lip colour. Use a brush if possible, load it with colour and apply generously, blot the lips and then re-apply. This will give your look a bit more staying-power, although you could always cheat and use one of the longer lasting lip stains which are on the market instead.

Finish with a blusher, something fairly dramatic to go with the ‘bad girl’ theme, but don’t overdo it because Sandy is still a sweetie at heart and not a complete strumpet. Choose a shade to complement your natural colouring and use it on the apple of the cheek and the cheekbone area.

Clothes are all-important too, and you have to go as daring as you feel you can be. If you can carry it off, tight black satin drainpipes and a sleeveless top would look perfect topped off with a black leather bomber jacket, and worn with red slingbacks or other high heels. As long as you think ‘hottie’ you’ll get the look right!

Brush out your hair carefully, so as not to disturb the curl, and pin back at the temples to show off a pair of big looped earrings. And even though you may not be a smoker, a cigarette dangling nonchalantly from your lip is very much in keeping with the “Bad Girl” image …

© Anne Lawrence 2008